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    U boat wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, U boat is the anglicised version of the german word u boot , a shortening of unterseeboot, which means "undersea boat".

    Teams of six players will be strapped to pieces of PVC pipe that slide over aluminum poles; players must work together to score goals against the opposition, Nelson said. Nelson, a civil engineer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, designed the game with three poles per side — the first pole features spots for three players, the next for two players and then one for the goalie, he said. Nelson, of Maplewood, worked with Wayne Roller and his daughter, Jessica Roller, to build the $1,500 foosball field, which was sponsored by Acapulco Restaurante and PartyOnStillwater. The winner will be awarded a small prize “but they’re really vying for bragging rights,” Nelson said. Team registration is $30 before midnight Thursday and $50 Friday. The tournament is limited to 16 teams. To register, contact Nelson at or 651 468 5211. The Relay for Life starts at 6 p. m. Friday and continues until noon Saturday. Mary Divine can be reached at 651 228 5443.
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